Learn from the expert – “For FREE?”

This is my first attempt at writing a blog post, and I love this opportunity to try for the chance of attending SQLSkills training in Chicago this October, while learning to write a blog. Please follow the link below to know more about training: https://www.sqlskills.com/sql-server-training/chicago-iepto1-20171002/

I have been a SQL Server DBA for two plus decades, and over the years I have attended many SQL Server classes, one-day seminars, Webinars and many conferences. All my experience over the years has helped me to remain successful in job demands, but one can never by complacent with one’s skill level. Learning from Gurus like Paul always adds tremendous value to improve skill level as well have exposure to unfamiliar features. The main reason I would like to attend the SQL Server Immersion training is to help me review what I have learned in the past, to learn SQL Server at a deeper level, and to get a big picture understanding.

With the introduction of inMemory feature in Sql server, how did the performance tuning get impacted? How are indexes relevant?

Paul Randal, Kimberly and their team understand and know how SQL Server works and they love to teach everyone about SQL Server.

Hope they pick me and teach me amazing secrets about SQL Server!